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JIM ANTONINI is an award-winning author from West Virginia. He has two novels published by PUMP FAKE PRESS.

The first, BULLETS FOR SILVERWARE (May 2020), is a gritty, murder-mystery thriller set in the backwoods of West Virginia. It was a finalist for the Appodlachia 2020 Best Appalachian Book of the Year.

The second, LIKE FALLING FROM AN AIRPLANE (March 2022), is a romantic, urban drama set on the downtown streets and back alleys of San Francisco.

Both books and related Pump Fake Press merchandise can be purchased here from the online bookstore.

Newest release:
Like Falling From An Airplane

This book is a great little tale full of shenanigans, the human condition, and characters so vivid you can smell them. It's a short read––only takes about two hours to finish––but the story sticks with you long after you put it down.
Amazon Customer Review

(2020) A young pharmacist takes a job in a small rural town and is quickly introduced to a world of drugs, sex, guns, and deceit. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with the local ‘good-time girl’ and finds himself trying to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the pharmacist he was hired to replace.

“…a dark, twisty thriller…fast-paced, hard-boiled, and edgy, where lies, corruption and horrific crimes lurk around every corner…an engrossing, gritty tale that ventures into the illicit underbelly of a tiny rural town with plenty of secrets to hide…” – BookTrib – 05/05/2021

“Jim Antonini’s Bullets for Silverware is a mystery that chills, titillates, and above all entertains…the scenes roll out smoothly, and it is easy to imagine this story as film noir…This novel has a Hitchcockian flavor…” – Independent Book Review – 07/28/2020

“This book was a great ride… a suspenseful story with lots of nods to the gritty but endearing underbelly or rural West Virginia’s “holler’s and backwoods towns…” – Amazon review – 07/07/2020

“…the characters were real… like I knew them personally… the prose itself was the real prize- gritty, sympathetic, with a Bukowski-from-Appalachia feel… READ THIS BOOK!” – Amazon review – 07/07/2020

“Song references create a soundtrack with a sonic juxtaposition of Husker Du meets Americana meets the Rolling Stones… Here’s to Caldwell, WV! Here’s to the jukebox at Frank’s Supper Club!” – Google review – 07/08/2020

 “…the absolute jam. Strap in. It’s enticing, and pretty freaking horny.” – Instagram review – 09/10/2020

A finalist for Appodlachia 2020 Best Appalachian Book of the Year.


(2022) After a social misfit and small-time criminal unexpectedly falls in love with his successful brother’s sophisticated new bride, he sets out to prove his worth to her, changing their lives forever.

“…A fast-paced novel of family, betrayal, and undeniable attraction… If you love a bad boy, a shot of tequila, or a forbidden love story, you’ll be more than pleased to read Like Falling from an Airplane… … a swirling storm of events in this quick literary fiction…” – Independent Book Review, April 8, 2022

“…great little tale full of shenanigans, the human condition, and characters so vivid you can smell them… the story sticks with you long after you put it down…” Amazon Review – 04/23/2022

“…vivid, detailed, nuanced scenes and dialogue… sympathetic treatment of the “down & out” as well as the “well-to-do”… a great story with a kind of wide-open ending… Highly recommend!” Amazon Review – 06/15/2022

“…Fast-paced… break-neck story telling centering around unstable dreamers… Set in a dreamy version of San Francisco… it’s a chaotic and rollicking trip that is unsettling, and at the same time wildly satisfying… Full of bad decisions and good fun…” Amazon Review – 08/11/2022

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